Camp Kitchen ($50.19 Value)

Make camp food fun and delicious with our Camp Kitchen Kit! Take your cooking skills to the next level with gear that makes it easier and better-tasting.

  • MONTyBOCA Trail Meals Cookbook - Origin Edition: Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or vanlifer, find 20 of the best trail-tested recipes. No prep or dehydration needed, these meals are ready in 30 min or less! This cookbook contains easy and quick recipes for every meal with only 10 or less, real and fresh ingredients. These meals were created for all your future trips that need easy and lightweight packing. Weighs 2.3 oz. (MSRP $14.99)
  • Light My Fire® Grandpa’s FireGrill™: Take your future campfire meals or backyard cookouts to the next level by easily attaching the Grandpa´s FireGrill to any ol’ stick with its stainless-steel wire mechanism. Then fill the grill component up with veggies, fish, or meat and enjoy a perfectly grilled dinner with the dual tension settings that holds your meal in place. Best of all, this FireGrill is compact, making it the perfect addition to your essential backpacking gear. Plus, the FireGrill is dishwasher safe, just to make your life a little easier. Weighs 4.6 oz. (MSRP $13.95)
  • Light My Fire® Salt&Pepper Plus BIO™: Jazz up your camp meals with your favorite spices! It carries three different spices in one air tight compartment with rubber gaskets to make sure that your spices stay fresh. This container is small and shock resistant, ready to go on your hardcore adventures. Lastly, it is made of environmentally friendly Biobased plastics that are 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe. Weighs 1.9 oz. (MSRP $8.95)
  • To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set: Pack your bamboo knife, spoon and fork up for your next camp trip, or to take on the go! These lightweight and eco-friendly utensils are hand finished with a natural, food-safe coating, and are BPA and Phthalate Free. They are heat and stain-resistant, plus dishwasher safe so you have nothing to worry about! Weighs .7 oz. (MSRP $7.50)
  • High Side Coffee Single-Serve Brew Bag (2) - Medium & Dark Roast: The perfect single-serve coffee that has great taste and is 100% specialty grade from Guatemala. Simply drop the pouch into a cup and slowly pour hot water over it. Or, take your coffee making skills up a level by putting your cup of water and brew bag in the refrigerator overnight for some delicious cold brew coffee. Weighs .6 oz. each (MSRP $2.40 each)
  • This kit originally dropped July 2020

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