Fix It ($72.11 Value)

The Fix It Kit is ready to solve the big and small problems on the trail.

  • Tactica Gear M250 Standard: Find a complete screwdriver set with 12 of the most common hex bits you might need in everyday life or out on an adventure in the Tactica M250. This hex bit toolkit is made of a unique lightweight and durable material used in aerospace and military applications. Plus, the M250 magazine is there to hold your hex bits and includes a heavy-duty driver. It is TSA approved to carry on so that you can always be prepared. Compact for everyday carry, this toolkit can easily clip onto your belt or bag or you can use its magnetic mount to stick to metal surfaces like refrigerators and workbenches. Weighs 6.1 oz. (MSRP $49.95)
  • RX A.M. Oats: Breakfast is about to become your favorite meal with these instant oats! Great-tasting and nutritious, these Vanilla Almond Oats have 12 grams of protein, 6g of fiber, and are made with only simple ingredients like egg whites, nuts, and gluten-free oats. Designed for on-the-go convenience, this single-serve cup is easy to prepare with hot water, in the microwave, or filled and chilled to make some delicious overnight oats. Weighs _ oz. (MSRP $3.00)
  • FixnZip™ Medium Black Nickel: Keep this zipper repair kit in your car or emergency pack for when your jacket, sleeping bag, tent, duffel bag, or pack decides to break. This kit includes a Medium FixnZip™ slider, one ring pull tab, and a black cord pull tab for an effortless yet permanent fix! Simply loosen the thumbscrew, tighten one half of it over your broken zipper, then add on the other side of the zipper track, and watch it zip. Weighs 1.1 oz. (MSRP $10.99)
  • GEAR AID Ellipse Cord Locks: Broke your cord lock? No need to fret, these Ellipse Cord Locks will help you tighten and secure your cord so you can enjoy your adventure with ease! These multipurpose cord locks are a convenient and quick fix to replace the broken cord on your jacket, sleeping bag, shoes, or pack without any knots involved. Weighs 0.4 oz. (MSRP $3.00)
  • GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Clear: Take out this Tenacious Tape to quickly fix tents, hammocks, ski pants, sleeping bags, or puffy coats with this strong, weatherproof tape. Just peel and stick, and watch this durable tape do its magic! Apply to nylon and vinyl fabrics for an aggressive stick! Plus, you can machine wash your gear 24 hours after application. Fix those tears fast and easily so you can stay outside longer. Weighs 0.8 oz. (MSRP $5.25)
  • This kit originally dropped September 2020

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