On the Water II ($82.47 Value)

This On the Water kit will ensure that your beach day is nothing less than perfect! Pack this kit for any water adventure, and have the gear to keep your items sand free and afloat, your skin happy, and your stomach full!

  • Sand Cloud Sand Free Towel: Say goodbye to bulky towels that never dry and hello to this small packable towel by Sand Cloud. Ultra-absorbent, this towel dries 3x faster than your average towel and gets softer with every wash! The Turkish cotton material ensures that you will stay sand free and odor-free. Pack this towel for your next beach day and use it to dry off, cover-up, or sit on! Weighs 11.02 oz. (MSRP $47.00)
  • earth⋅pak Waterproof Phone Case: This universal design fits every size of phone to ensure that your phone stays safe and dry. Simply snap, lock, and get ready to capture your adventures in a whole new way! From waterfall splashes to surfing or getting those underwater shots, this waterproof phone case allows you to submerge your phone up to 100 feet. The smart design on this case gives you dual-sided clear windows with touchscreen access, allowing you to use your phone while it is still in the case! Weighs 2.0 oz. (MSRP $7.99)
  • Carson Floating Wrist Strap: Let your day on the water be stress-free with this floating strap that can attach to your keys, camera, or Earth-pak Waterproof Phone Case! The Foam Core Technology keeps your important items afloat (up to 134 grams). It’s lightweight and comfortable, making it easy to attach to your wrist. Get out there and enjoy a day on the boat, or at the beach! Weighs 0.8 oz. (MSRP $9.99)
  • All Good SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen Butter, 1 oz.: Smooth and organic. This award-winning SPF is body and reef safe with no nasty chemicals. Its non-absorbing zinc-oxide gives you protection by reflection and it goes on thick to protect your skin from the most extreme environments (even if that extreme environment happens to be your pool!). Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and great for sensitive skin. Weighs 1.7 oz. (MSRP $9.99)
  • Yumbutter Superfood Almond Butter: Made from a superfood blend of chia seeds, hemp seeds, lucuma powder, and organic goji berry powder, this treat will give you the fuel you need for your next adventure! The almond butter pouch has seven grams of protein, making this highly digestible plant protein the perfect on the go snack. The delicious nut butter is gluten-free and vegan. No refrigeration is necessary when using the resealable pouch so it’s ready to use wherever you are! Weighs 6.5 oz. (MSRP $7.50)
  • This kit originally dropped August 2020

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