Don't Wait to Hydrate ($52.92 Value)

Fuel up and hydrate on the go with our Don’t Wait to Hydrate box! Filled with all the essentials, this box will make sure you stay energized and healthy during your outdoor activities.

  • Minaret Mtn Thermal Mug: 12 ounces of a perfected spill proof and insulated mug, with a slow flow, so you don’t burn your mouth on that morning coffee. This mug keeps your drink hot for up to 12 hours, or cold up to 24 hours. Made with professional grade stainless steel, this little mug can take on your big plans. From daily commutes to hiking trips, make this the only mug you use! Weighs 8.2 oz. (MSRP $29)
  • Mizu Straw Bundle: Carry this bundle with ease to hydrate even on the go! Find a stainless steel straw and brush for cleaning. The straw is built with flexible silicone tips to ensure your lips don’t get too cold. Simply separate by pulling the silicone off for easy cleaning. NOTE: The bundle includes one straw, one silicone tip and one straw brush. The brochure that is included in the gear kit incorrectly states there are two straws. Weighs 0.9 oz. (MSRP $3.75)
  • HydraPak® Stow™ 1 L Collapsible Water Bottle: Pack this collapsible pocket-size hydration bottle for your next trip! This 1-liter bottle is a flexible bottle that folds down, making it easy to hold and pocket. The spill-proof nozzle and bail handle for storage gives you the performance and convenience, all in one. So that you are hydrated on all your travel and trips! Weighs 2.1 oz. (MSRP $17)
  • HydraLyte Powder Sticks: Hydralyte Electrolyte Powders are here to rehydrate you faster than water, so you’re ready for your next adventure. There is nothing artificial about them! These handy, all-natural sticks have 4x more electrolytes and ¼ of the sugar compared to the leading sports drinks while putting a boost of flavor in your water. Just 1 stick per 7oz. Weighs 2.1 oz (MSRP $1.25 Each).
  • Bottle Bright®: Bottle Bright is the natural, biodegradable, grime-fighting cleaning tablet that takes your toughest-to-clean bottles to task – no soap, sink, or scrubbing required. Fizz your way to clean! Weighs 0.3 oz. (MSRP $.67)
  • This kit originally dropped March 2020

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