Wellness on the Go ($65.00 Value)

Living healthy is important to us. That’s why we’ve curated this kit of essentials to allow you to stay organized, keep clean, and recover faster.

  • Rains Wash Bag: You can ditch the plastic with this unisex wash bag. Made from a smooth, waterproof fabric, this bag features a pocket sleeve and one main compartment. It’s perfect for your essentials! Weighs 5.1 oz. (MSRP $35)
  • Active Skin Repair Spray: Don’t try and push through those nasty bug bites scraps, burns or skin irritations anymore! The Active Skin Repair is everything you need, right here in one small bottle. A medical-grade treatment for everyday wound and skin repair, it’s natural, non-toxic, and non-sensitizing (aka no sting). The active ingredient is Hypochlorous (HOCI), which is also naturally produced by white blood cells in our body to support the healing process. Weighs 3.9 oz. (MSRP $25)
  • Green Goo Biodegradable Soap: Greasy Camp Stove? Mud stained hiking clothes? Wet Dog? In need of a shower? We’ve got you covered! This multi-purpose soap can be used on just about everything. Good for you and the environment, this soap is biodegradable and ethically sourced to make it that much better! Weighs 2.6 oz. (MSRP $5)
  • This kit originally dropped in January 2020

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