Day Trippin'


Into kayaking, boating, paddling, swimming, surfing or hanging on the beach? Our Day Trippin’ (Water Sports) kit is perfect for you!

  • Speaqua Cruiser Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: Add a little more excitement to your travels. Simple controls, dust/sand proof, dual-pairing compatibility, built-in mic and 5 hours of battery. Weighs 3.6 oz. ($25 MSRP).
  • Igloo Lunch Tote: An insulated tote that's antimicrobial with leak-resistant liner built-in, making it easy to clean after your day trek. Weighs 5.7 oz. (MSRP $16)
  • Raw Elements Tinted Face Stick: The best solution for serious sun protection. SPF 30+, broad spectrum, skin-tone tint, very water-resistant, reef-safe, biodegradable, safe for all ages and never stings the eyes. Weighs 0.3 oz. (MSRP $16)
  • This kit originally dropped September 2019

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