The Nomadik Subscription Box - Giveaway

The “Mega Summer Basecamp" Giveaway

$3,500+ worth of top-of-the-line outdoor gear, this giveaway is Shopping-Spree Style!

Brands Included

Front Runner
United By Blue
Parks Project
Third Eye Headlamps

How it Works

$3,500+ worth of top-of-the-line outdoor gear, this is giveaway is Shopping-Spree Style.

We’ll be randomly selecting 5 winners, each winner will get their “budget,” you’ll use your budget to choose whatever products from the giveaway that you want (see below for product images).

Winners can only choose 1 product per brand, you get to shop in the order that you’re chosen. For example, first place gets to shop first, second place gets to shop second and so on and so forth.


1st place: $1,500
2nd place: $850
3rd place: $550 4th place: $400 5th place: $250


  • Front Runner- Rooftop Tent ($1,195)
  • Mountainsmith- Tent, Shelter, Backpack ($360)
  • United by Blue- Backpack & Trail Case ($166)
  • Rumpl- 3 Original Puffy Blankets ($300)
  • The Nomadik- 3 FREE 3-month plans ($250)
  • Mizu- 5 Insulated Bottles ($189)
  • Kavu- 5 Packs ($205)
  • MPOWERD- 3 Luci Lights ($65)
  • Biolite- Solar Panel 10+ ($130)
  • Parks Project- 5 Park Bundles ($300)
  • Alite- 2 Monarch Chairs ($140)
  • VAER- Classic Watch ($165)
  • Third Eye- 2 TE Headlamps ($100)
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Front Runner Rooftop Tent Rooftop Tent
Original Puffy Blanket (3 units)
45L Range Daypack
Crest Trail Case
Shelter LT Shelter LT
Divide Backpack Divide Backpack
Bear Creek Tent Bear Creek Tent
Luci Essence
Luci Lux
Luci Outdoor 2.0
Park Bundle (5 units) Park Bundle (5 units)
TE 14 Headlamp (2 units) TE 14 Headlamp (2 units)
Alite 2-Legged Monarch Chair 2-Legged Monarch Chair (2 units)
SolarPanel 10+
V10 V10
V12 V12
V7 V7
V8 Mint V8 Mint
V8 Black V8 Black
3 Month Box Subscription 3 Month Box Subscription (3 units)
Vaer Classic Leather Watch + Extra Blue Nylon Band Classic Leather Watch + Extra Blue Nylon Band
Stroll Around Pack Stroll Around Pack
Pacer Pack Pacer Pack
Lunch Box Pack Lunch Box Pack
Clarkston Pack Clarkston Pack
Lifesaver Pack Lifesaver Pack
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